Wooden Trey 4in1

Wooden Trey 4in1

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  • Material : Shesham Wood
  • The more the better! The four-in-one Wooden Puzzle Tray consists of four different puzzles including a tangram puzzle. The pieces need to be arranged in a particular way to fit in the designed board, therefore, building a player’s problem-solving skills, educating them about spatial relationships. The puzzles are completely exclusive from one another so that the children do not get used to one puzzle, keeping them engaged as they counter different problems and find innovative ways to join the puzzle. The puzzle also educated the children about geometrical shapes.
    Easy to carry and store, the puzzle is highly durable as it is made out of natural wood. The puzzles can be played by anyone above the age of 6+ for killing time on a boring day or as a quick refresher from a hectic schedule.

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