Terms & Conditions

Saga Trading Terms of Use

Saga Trading (hereinafter, “Saga”) operates an online shopping site (hereinafter, “Site”). To appropriately and smoothly conduct the service (hereinafter, “Service”) provided through the Site and to enable customers to use the Service enjoyably, SAGA has established the following terms & Condition of use (hereinafter, “TOC”).


1“Users” is a general term that refers to customers who have agreed to the TOC; who have carried out user registration according to the methods and procedures specified by SAGA and whose registration has been approved by SAGA; and who then apply for and purchase products or other items which SAGA presents and sells on the Site.
“Trademarks” is a general term that refers to the SAGA’s trademark, logo and trade name.
“Content” refers to the text, images, video, sound and other copyrighted material displayed on the Site.
2. Conditions of Use

1Based on the TOC and other individual agreements, customers may use the Service provided on the Site. However, user registration is necessary for customers to purchase products on the Site.

When customers require to delete user registration to company, customers shall inform their name, user ID and password by E-mail to support@sagatrading.jp. Saga shall unsubscribe as soon as confirm the said E-mail.
By using the Site, customers agree to comply with the provisions of the TOC.
In using the Site, customers must observe the provisions of the TOC. Should a customer violate any of those provisions, the SAGA may suspend the customer’s transactions and deny the customer future use of the Site.
5) The customer agrees in advance that SAGA may provide the customer with product information and other information through e-mail, direct mail, fax and other means.

3. Prohibited Actions

1) Carrying out any of the actions listed below when using the Site is prohibited. Should it be determined that a customer has carried out a prohibited action, SAGA may terminate the customer’s use of the Site, discontinue the delivery of products applied for by the customer, and take other measures. Moreover, should SAGA suffer damage from a prohibited action, it may demand compensation for the damage from the customer who committed the action.
Pretending to be someone else
Failing to pay SAGA in the past
Causing an obstacle or impediment to some other customer’s use of the Site

2) At using the Site, it is prohibited to the below action(s). When SAGA find the customer doing the below action(s), should it be determined that SAFA may terminate the customer’s use of the Site, disenroll the user’s registration and discontinue the delivery of products applied for by the customer. Moreover, should the SAGA suffer damage from a prohibited action, it may demand compensation for the damage from the customer who committed the action.
Violating other customers from using the site, or obstacle actions, other inadequate actions judged by SAGA.
Violating a law or ordinance or committing an offence against public order and morals
Committing or abetting a criminal act or suggesting doing so

4.Handling of Personal Information

1Personal information provided by customers will be used by the SAGA for the following purposes.
To sell products, etc., of SAGA and of third parties
To ship and deliver products
To bill for payments
To review use of the Site
To manage customer information
To advertise and publicise products, etc., of SAGA and of third parties (including the sending of e-mail and of leaflets and other direct mail)
To provide information necessary for operation of the Site
To carry out sales campaigns, notify prize winners, ship prizes
To conduct questionnaires
To provide support for products and services and deal with enquiries
To conduct marketing activities, including person-to-person sales
To analyse marketing research and statistics
To develop and improve SAGA’s products and services
To maintain the Site’s system and deal with any problems with it
To simplify customer registration and the other operations involved when customers who have provided personal information use other services provided by the SAGA
To carry out other communications and notifications, manage customer relations, send related materials, etc.
) SAGA appropriately protects personal information according to the Privacy Policy which it has established. In using personal information, it will not go beyond the purposes of use about which it provides notification when personal information is entrusted to it. Should the need arise to use personal information for some other purpose, SAGA will notify the customer in advance. However, this shall not apply in the following situations.
The customer’s consent was obtained or the customer’s consent has been obtained in advance.
Using the personal information is urgently necessary to protect the customer’s life, person or assets.
Using the personal information is especially necessary to improve public health or to promote the healthy development of children, and the customer’s consent cannot readily be obtained.
Disclosure of the personal information is required by law or is requested in a criminal investigation or some other legal procedure.
An enquiry based on a legitimate reason is received from a public agency.

Using the personal information without notification is permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law or some other law or ordinance.

5.Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction

1) The TOC shall be governed by the law of Japan.

2) Should a dispute occur between a customer and SAGA, they shall endeavour to resolve it in good faith. However, should a lawsuit become unavoidable, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of the first instance with exclusive, agreed-upon jurisdiction over the case.